Motor Vehicle Theft Investigation

Our standard enquiries include interviewing and obtaining detailed statements from the policyholder and the named driver last in charge of the vehicle. One in relation to the events leading up to and following the theft, and the other in respect of indemnity. Enquiries are also made with the Police and the DVLA. We inspect the location of the theft for CCTV or anything else that may assist our investigation. We will also make enquiries into the history of the vehicle to include MOT, servicing, and the purchase of the vehicle where necessary.

If required we can provide services in terms of open source intelligence; track and trace enquiries to trace policyholders, third parties and witnesses; and carry out cold calls should Insurers be unable to obtain a response to telephone calls and letters, etc. We can also provide surveillance services to obtain video footage in order to evidence a claimant exaggerating or fabricating their injuries.